View layer has smartform but the main hosted feature layer does not.

05-09-2023 10:15 AM
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I have a Feature Layer that I initially set up the Field Maps Smartform in. Everything was working perfectly but we decided to create a view layer that was for "Editing". The smartform transferred over the the view layer just fine.

However, now the smartform has disappeared from the main feature layer that the view layer was created on? 

Any thoughts? The form was saved to the layer so I am not sure how it completely got removed once the view layer was created. 

Any way to copy a smartform to an identical layer or any workarounds besides recreating the form? 

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I would just use the AGO Assistant - and copy the json form spec from the view back to the main service.  I have not seen them disappear when making a view.  I have had users save them back to the map though and lose them at the layer.

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I use the script from here all the time to copy forms from one map to another.  That way, I have an "editing" version that doesn't get used by anyone but me for development, then when all is working, use it to copy the forms to the Field Map map.

Script page.


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