A non-editable field is being automatically changed to the user's email address once offline data is synced in Field Maps

05-15-2023 08:52 AM
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We created a Field Map App to track and monitor shoreline erosion control structures. We use the offline map version since we work in rural localities where wifi is not always reliable. The app has been working fine for months. We use an IPad to collect the information and the Bad Elf for GPS. Recently, the project number of the shoreline structure which is downloaded from a database and not inputted by the field map app user, and is not an editable field, is being automatically changed to the logged-in user's email address after data is synced in the app. The project number data is being overwritten every time we sync.  This only happens on the IPad, the data does not change when synced using Field Map App on the IPhone. The IPAD is current and up to date on software updates. The specifics of the IPad and Field Map Apps are below.  We have not been able to solve this and data is being overwritten every time we sync making the use of the app an issue.  Any recommendations, please? 


iPadOS Version: 16.4.1 (a)

Model Name: iPad Air (5th generation)

Model Number: MM713LL/A

Field Maps

App Version: 23.1.0

Build: 984

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