How to track and store historical changes to polygon features and their attributes in Field Map App.

05-15-2023 08:35 AM
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We created a Field Map App with an editable polygon layer to track changes in marsh extents along the shoreline. Polygons were delineated in the field with the app and fields were filled in providing information about the wetland during the site visit.  Wetands sites are visited once a year. The relationship table linked to the polygon records the current and historical attributes of the wetland such as plant type, tide status, presence of oysters, etc.  We also need to occasionally change the configuration of the polygon as the wetland erodes or changes. We want to keep track of these changes. Can a user change the configuration of a polygon (wetland) in the layer and the app keep the historical versions of the geometry information of the polygon over time for a particular wetland site, as well as keep historical attributes of the annual inspections of the wetland?  If so, how do you set this up or where can I find information about doing this?  So far I cannot find anything on this.  Thank you so much for any assistance!

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