Unexpected Visual Behavior from Feature Service in Offline Web Map - iOS and Android

08-28-2022 10:37 PM
New Contributor III
Hi, I've raised a case with ESRI support but wanted to see if the community was experiencing similar issues, they said there were a host of Field Maps visual bugs with the new release (22.3.1). We have a few long standing web maps with feature services which are now visualising data incorrectly in offline mode with the new update. We've not made any updates to the Feature Services or Web Maps. The behavior below is experienced in a number of similarly configured Feature Services. The feature service source is a single polgon SDE Feature class registered with enterprise 10.8.1, the Feature Service (with feature access and sync enabled) contains four feature layers which are different definiton queries on the source SDE feature class (for example, 1: status = Active, 2: status = Cancelled etc). When the webmap is viewed in Field Maps online mode, it shows visually as expected. However when taken offline, we're experiencing behavior which means that a polygon which has an active attribute is also being reflected in all other feature layers in the feature service. For example, in offline mode, an active polygon also shows in layers with definiton queries that should exclude it, eg. cancelled andd approved layers. The Search functionality also returns these incorrectly displaying polygons. I've looked at the .geodatabase which is generated and drives the field map and no duplicate polygons exist.
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