Error to Download Offline Areas in shared Field Maps

08-26-2022 12:30 PM
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I'm having a problem publishing maps offline to other users in my organization, when I login with my user (the same user who created the map), I can download the offline map without any problem. But when I enter field maps with the other user (who has access to the shared map) the offline download always fails. Does anyone have a tip what I can do?

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Do you have a mix of layers shared through Shared Update Groups and standard groups? They are separate access mechanisms and you should have all layers shared to the end user via at least one mechanism completely.

Otherwise would recommend enabling logging which may give you something more specific to explore:

Go to the profile in Field Maps, tap Troubleshooting, and enable Logging. Retry the sync operation that was failing, and the log (visible in the Troubleshooting section) contains details of the failure. 

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