Unable to remove calculated expression from field

02-03-2023 01:11 PM
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I've been having issues with removing calculations from fields in Field Maps. After unchecking the calculation and saving the form, it still tries to perform the calculation in the mobile app. This is happening with DateTime fields, where it displays the blinking lines for calculating but never returns a value, and with a calculation that returns a boolean based on the value of another field. In the second case, the field continues to calculate as before, even though the calculation has been removed.

For the date fields, I removed the calculations on 7 related tables. For one of the tables, the field went back to manual entry as expected, but the other 6 all had the aforementioned error.

I could always create new fields, copy the data over, and delete the old ones - but that'd be tedious and I'd like to understand what might be happening. Thanks!

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Can you confirm that you are force reloading the map in Field Maps after you save in the authoring app?

Also, if you save the form and then subsequently start editing the form a bit more before the save process completes, it can appear that you are making changes to the form... but they sometimes won't actually save the next time.  Usually you will want to wait until the save alert displays from the bottom of the browser window before touching the form again.

- Justin Reynolds, PE
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Is there a particular way to force reload the map? In this case I'm fairly confident that it's reloaded, because other changes are reflected, and I also opened the map on a device that had never loaded that map before. I'm using android, and usually closing and reopening the app is enough to have the map reload.

I have had issues with that saving process before, but in this case the changes are definitely saved. I've come back days later on a different machine and they're still there.

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