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Tracking & Auto Populating Attributes

02-16-2021 06:08 PM
New Contributor

Hi all, 

I am working on a project where a recreational trail network has recently implemented winter grooming via snowmobile on many of the trails. These grooming activities need to be collected and tracked with as little field user input as possible. We have a web map created with the whole trail network including attributes such as trail name, length, elevation etc.. We are familiar with Survey123 and Collector but are wondering if Field Maps has a solution for tracking and collecting data about where the groomers went and automatically populating several of the attributes stored in the web map feature layer such as trail name, distance travelled, time spent for each day they were out working? ideally all the worker would need to do is press start streaming to begin and stop when done and all of the required attributes would be populated automatically. 






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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Benjamin,


Field Maps has Tracking functionality built in that can be utilized if the users have a Tracker license, however I dont feel that this will directly help your workflow as you want to include attributes as well. You could use a combination of App linking and Streaming to minimize user input. You could pass a URL to your field workers using a QR code, email, text, shortcut, another app, etc and this URL will launch Field Maps, open to your specified map, start a line collection and pass defined attributes to the form; all the field workers would need to do is tap "Start streaming". If you are unfamiliar with app linking you can find more info in the Field Maps documentation.

The example below is similar to one that is in the documentation where you pass attributes to the form by key:value pairs. The featureAttributes must be URL encoded for that portion to work (I decoded them for this example):

EDIT: copy the link address to see the complete URL. Geonet is trimming it

I hope this helps!