Tile Package not showing in Offline Basemap dialog (tile package from my organization)

04-19-2023 11:00 AM
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I have created a tile package (tpkx) via Create Map Tile Package in Pro and shared it to my AGOL account. However, when I want to select it in the Field Maps Designer Offline section, with the "tile package from my organization" option, the tile package doesn't show up in the list. The strange thing is only vector tile packages show up in that list, none of my map tile packages show up there. Not even previous map tile packages which I have successfully sideloaded.

Only vector tile packages are showing up here:

select a tile package.png

Here is my latest map tile package under my contents, which isn't showing up in the above dialog:

map tile package.png

Has anyone else experienced this?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Experiencing the same issue here, I have a few tile packages loaded but unable to see when selecting a tile package. 
I am able to make a hosted tile layer from the tile package, so I can't see this being an issue with the tile package itself. 

Did you find a solution in the end? 

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