Taking map offline - error code 500: Unable to create replica. Please check your parameters

04-26-2023 08:01 PM
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Hi Field Mappers,

I'm writing in the forums hoping other people have come across this issue too (recently and solved it) without having to republish...


I've added new fields, and now I'm not able to take the map offline.

The main error (I think?):

Error downloading map: Service error code 500: unable to create replica. Please check your parameters. Details: Exporting data for layer 32 failed. (Rest of the log attached)

So I've pinpointed the layer by going into the JSON. Based off of that I decided the other layers in the service are not the problem. I have also tested taking the other layers offline without layer 32. It worked. I tried adding layer 32 into its own map by itself and taking it offline. It didn't work.

I don't understand what's wrong with my parameters and how to fix them though. By parameters is that the feature service settings, Field Maps settings...?

I have also checked that I haven't added any fields using reserve words.

The feature service is live and people are using it, so I can't tinker (eg delete fields) too much with it, but am at the stage where I'm considering downloading it to FGDB, republishing and then removing each new field I added one by one, but am hoping someone might have a good work around for this?

These are older posts I found and tried, but didn't work for me.


Has anyone else come across this before and recently?

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We are experiencing the same issue. Hopefully someone out there has some idea which 'parameters' we need to be checking.

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I've been having this issue also, and it appears to be becoming more and more frequent across multiple hosted feature services.


Unfortunately we are stabbing in the dark with this a little bit as there seems no obvious reason as to why downloading a map is failing. It worked one day and now it isn't

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I think I got mine to work.  Created a view of the layer and edited the map's JSON via ArcGIS Assistant pointing the troublesome layer to the view.  Cannot explain why this happened or why the view works over the main.  

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So frustrating...it happens every time....I update a layer and then offline sync, download stops and shows "download failed". Failed to create offline areas too on FMDesigner . Troubleshoot logs in FMA are as useless! 

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We have this issue often when trying to take field maps offline and there seems to be little rhyme or reason for it. If someone comes up with a straightforward solution, it would be much appreciated!

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We are currently experiencing this issue without any changes to the hosted feature layers or web map. Field season is gearing up so any resolution to this issue would be greatly appreciated!

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I am running into this right now, all layers are set to go offline

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We are having this issue across several field maps now too!

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We recommend checking if any of the data you are using is used in an Experience Builder along with Field Maps additional field indexes get created on those layers and then subsquently prevent the data from being downloaded for offline use. Please also see this community post about this


If there is an index created with a hypen (-) I would remove it and try again.

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