Standalone table replica not populating with data in offline environment

05-24-2022 02:38 PM
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I have a standalone table in my web map - the table is not related to any of the feature layers. The purpose of this standalone table is to perform complex lookups based on a combination of data and events - the standalone table is queried in the Field Map map via Arcade code embedded in a field's Calculated Expression. 

In a connected environment the Arcade queries the standalone table just fine - the expected results are obtained. The Field Maps obtains content from the standalone lookup table.

In a disconnected offline environment the Arcade queries the replica standalone table just fine except that it does not return any rows. A row count in Arcade returns a zero. The standalone table is verified to exist using Arcade. Apparently the table replica has no rows.

Upon closer inspection I found the SQLite geodatabase file that gets included in the map package that gets delivered to the Field Maps application. Cracking open the SQLite database confirms that the table exists but that it has no rows.

That's my problem:  The replica standalone table not populating with data in online environment.

Is there a way to populated those standalone tables by overriding the default "no data" behavior? I am using the Field Maps web app to create the offline areas, and by association the SQLite geodatabase file. I would be comfortable scripting this operation if there was a bit to override the default "no data" behavior. TIA

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