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10-19-2022 05:05 PM
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I'm experiencing slow layer drawing times in Field Maps and am wondering if anyone else may have an idea as to what is causing it. It can take several minutes of sitting there with a blank basemap before the layer pops in. This occurs on both Wi-Fi and mobile data, although it doesn't seem as bad when utilizing an offline area.

A little background on the layer in question. The web map consists of this single layer that contains multiple fences broken up into sections. In total this "Fence Layer" currently has 2,619 features. Our field techs use Field Maps to navigate along these fences in order to do inspections. Selecting a section (feature) then allows them to follow a link into Survey123 and submit an inspection report for that section of fence. As our client builds new fences and we take them on for inspections I've simply been appending the new fences to this existing layer. 

This drawing lag is a recent development, so my initial thought was that the layer is just getting too large and I may need to split each fence into it's own layer. This would allow my field techs to turn off layers for fences they aren't working on that day. Looking at the attribute table though, it seems like 2,619 features isn't really a huge dataset (relatively speaking). 

So perhaps there's something else going on that may be an easier solution that splitting up the layer? 

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A couple of things to consider are how many vertices are being collected for these fences and whether the spatial index is up to date. I'm not sure from what you've mentioned whether new fences are being collected by the Field Maps app and whether they're hosted in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise.

Within Field Maps there are a couple of places for setting the Collection settings and in particular the Streaming setting. This can be set to either a time or distance value and can make a big difference in the number of vertices and thus the amount of data collected via Field Maps. For calculating the number of vetices see here for Pro or in Arcade here . You could do a Simplify to remove redundant vertices.

The second thing is the spatial indexes. When new data is added the spatial index might not be getting updated automatically. If it's a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online then click the Settings tab and click Rebuild indexes and Optimize layers. If the data is held within an Enterprise Geodatabase talk to your DBA/Admin. If they're being appended via ArcGIS Pro there's also an Environment setting to maintain the spatial index.

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