Field Maps performance on Trimble TDC 600s

09-06-2022 07:15 AM
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Is anybody else experiencing poor performance with TDC 600s and ESRI Field Maps? Below are a few examples. The issues are not encountered on Android 11 smart phones or any iOS devices that have been tested thus far.

1) In some Field Maps, location display symbol lags behind on-the-ground movement significantly by 5-15 seconds.
2) Field Maps crashes 5 or 6 times a day per user on long 8-10 hour field days.
3) Significant gaps in tracks and low quality tracks using the Location Tracking feature of Field Maps.
4) While offline, Field Maps randomly sign out or prompt user to sign in resulting in disabled maps.

Our organization's workflows require field staff to work offline exclusively, often in remote locations. Most data collected are points and tracks. We use conditional field display and calculations in Field Maps forms.

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As a follow-up here is an example of low quality tracks. The yellow is an actual approximated walked path. Blue lines are the Location Tracking lines and green arrows the location tracking points labeled by horizontal accuracy in feet (as determined by the app). If you look at the scale bar you will notice that actual variation is much larger than what is reported from the Trimble TDC. 

The Trimble TDC internal GPS was used with SBAS and GNSS enabled.

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We are also noticing a significant gps lag in field maps with the TDC600’s. They worked great for our organization for approx 18 months and then all of a sudden we started experiencing the lag problems.