Signatures in Field Maps?

05-03-2021 04:48 PM
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Can you create signatures in the forms like you can in Survey123?

If it is not possible, what is the best way to pre-populate a Survey123 form link (which would be opened up via a polygon pop-up in Field Maps) in a TABLET?

I want to carry over the GUID from the polygon to the Survey123 form to be filled out in a TABLET.

I've found you can do this through the form widget in Experience Builder, but the team is out in the field half the time and needs to be able to do this not in a web browser/offline.

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Hi @elpinguino ,

You can add a comment to this existing idea for adding Signature field support in Field Maps. For your workaround, you can add a URL to the Polygon feature popup in Field Maps that calls out to Survey123 and can pass attributes to the form. Take a look at the Survey123 documentation on what parameters they support. I hope this helps!




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