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05-11-2023 04:16 AM
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Is it possible to sideload editable maps in Field Maps via Pro? Like a checkout package in ArcPad?


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Yes, this is needed, but not available as far as I know. Many places we need to collect are disconnected or isolated environments. Places where the data resides on a portal have no wifi for security reasons.  We tried using virtual wifi on a networked connected device. It never connected. Only option left is to temporarily  move the maps/data to a connected environment do the painfully slow wifi downloads (hours and hours of waiting for completion, hoping we don't get booted off the connection for being on too long). Maps data and tiled basemaps are few gb in size. Downloading premade offline areas as been spotty. Creating them in the mobile device app seems to work better. Side loading via a network connection to the portal would be ideal

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No, it is not currently possible. You can create mobile map packages (MMPK) in Pro and sideload them to ArcGIS Field Maps but MMPKs are read-only and cannot be used for data collection.

Prepare maps for download—ArcGIS Field Maps | Documentation

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