Photo field type in Field Maps

05-10-2023 09:18 PM
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Dealing with photos/files as an attachment named photo1, photo2 etc. presents so many issues in data collection and management. How can I achieve the below like is possible in all other GIS field data collection apps??

  • Have multiple specific photo fields on a feature layer e.g.  asset location photo, asset damage photo, asset ID photo..
  • Make photo capture mandatory like we can with other fields

I fail to see why such a common task is not possible with ESRI. Am I missing something?? TIA

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Hi Chris,

This is not supported in Field Maps yet.  I confirmed that it is in their road map on the early adopters forum about a year ago now (spring 2022) with one of the developers. At that time, it was dependent on some other development work outside of the Field Maps team.  I have not heard since then, but I'm hopeful that we could see it this year... who knows though.

The input types are supported in the Web Map Specification already so that is a good sign.  Those field input types are:

  • formAttachmentInput (catch all)
  • formAudioInput
  • formDocumentInput
  • formImageInput
  • formSignatureInput
  • formVideoInput

For now, if you need this type of functionality via ESRI, then Survey123 is your only option.

- Justin Reynolds, PE