Save a field map as a template for future projects

11-09-2020 01:23 PM
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I am working on configuring a complex field map where I have conditional visibility in my form based on the type of feature collected.  This will be something we use on quite a few projects.  Is there a way to use this as a template so I don't have to configure it each time I would like to use it and can just copy/paste it when I need another copy?

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We are working on some python module to support this workflow.

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Has this been implemented? I would like to be able to have a form template for different maps including different layers. All of my maps and layers are all standard so I would like to be able to quickly build new maps for each iteration. I have seen this solution but this only works for maps with mutual layers.

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 is it already possible to save a fieldmaps form es e template?


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