Field Maps Search Configuration

06-29-2022 08:12 AM
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Good day, 

I am looking for a way to configure the what the search results or matches for look like in the Field Maps app. Specifically the matched results of the hosted feature layers used within the map. 

When configuring a general Web App, there is the ability to configure the Search widget settings. So when you search it will display the attribute you selected in the configuration. 

Is there something similar to this for the Field Maps app? Since currently when I search within feature layer, the suggestions only show the source name of the match it found. 

I appreciate the help with this!

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In Map Viewer, you enable popups on the layer being searched, and set the title field to the field you want displayed as search result.

Once saved, you can even disable the popups, and Field Maps App will still honor the Title field setting in the search results.


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