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01-04-2023 10:58 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have created a FieldMap Smart Form and web map that is shared with the public. My intention was for a public user to access the map without a AGOL account and collect data. It appears that when I access FieldMaps when I am not signed in, the Collect Features button (blue circle with crosshair) is not present. I am just wondering if anyone has come up with a potential work around or if there has been a recent fix in a new version of FieldMaps.

In an existing post in 2020, the solution said to try ArcGIS Hub. However this would take away the ability to access FieldMaps in offline mode when not connected to wifi/cellular data.


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I am pretty sure you have to pay up.  You need Field Worker level or higher - at least it used to be called that. 

I would like clarity on this however.  I was able to use Field Maps without a username and see free maps out there.  I was able to download some stuff but not one of my services yet since I am waiting on sync approval.  I also was able to make a download available map and use it with a AGOL Public free account if I remember.  We have paid organization data that we want the public to be able to simply view and take offline.  It can get weird with editable layers and all that.

What are all the limits on this?

Survey123 can do public surveys and it a bit easier for public users to figure out.


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Thanks for your reply!

My account type is a Creator. I am able to collect data when I log in to FieldMaps using my log in. I did try to create a public account and was still not able to collect data.

From my understanding, you can see free maps and even download them without a username. You can also do this with a public free account as well. However it seems I am not able to "Collect" data (i.e. preform an asset type inspection or add assets) without an AGOL /Enterprise account. I was hoping the later so volunteers could collect data in the field but I will have to go another route. 

Thanks for your time.