Popup definition created in new map viewer not used

07-08-2021 03:45 PM
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Have created a map in our AGOL tenant using a registered feature service from ArcGIS Server 10.6.1.  Popup definitions created in the new non-beta map viewer don't seem to be used by Field Maps.  Popup definitions created with the "classic map viewer" do seem to work.  Why?

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This is a current limitation in Field Maps. The new popup elements that are used in Map Viewer are not supported at this time. There is a blog post that highlights some of the limitations when using Map Viewer with Field Maps.

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Hmmm....cross posting to this question. I can confirm that the reason is a lack of capability between popups in the new map viewer and Fieldmaps. I had to use the "classic" map viewer to config my popups. This then displays correctly in Fieldmaps.


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