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Mobile Map Package in Field Maps Labeling / Symbology

06-07-2023 09:07 AM
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Hi everyone, I have a few questions regarding a map in Field Maps. I used ArcGIS Pro 3.1.1 to share a mobile map package to Field Maps and I have it downloaded on my phone, testing it before sharing with the field guys. I have run into a few issues regarding labelling and symbology. First, I recently posted a question about the symbol size I am seeing. I still haven't found a resolution but will be testing the map on a tablet instead of my phone, so hopefully that resolves it. I am still going to include the question and screenshot so maybe I could hear more output. All the labels that I have in my map are Maplex.


1) Why are my symbols small? The round symbol and the bowtie should both be much bigger. The top photo is from Pro and the bottom is what it looks like in Field Maps. 




2) When I access the map on my phone, most labels appear but some don't. If I zoom in and move around the map, it changes what is shown. Majority of the labels are okay but some are missing. If I remove download and redownload it is fine for a bit but then does this the next time I open the map. All my labels are Maplex but this is the only layer I am having this issue with. 


3) When I rotate the map, the labels don't keep their position - I would prefer for them to stay where they are in regards to my map. Not a priority but would like to know if I can fix this. 


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Did you ever figure this one out?

I saw somewhere else that Field Maps does not support Maplex labeling. It's unfortunate because my labels look so perfect in ArcPro (all street names showing) and then in Field Maps, MMPK the streets look blank until you zoom in really close for some areas.

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