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09-08-2021 03:09 PM
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I have an existing project using Collector that I am trying to migrate to FieldMaps. I configured the collection map using the FieldMaps web app and created a form with the fields. This seems to have had an impact on the existing web map, since I can no longer add points to the layer through my browser. It is also requiring me to open the layer in the new Map Viewer but even then it does not work. I am able to start an edit session, click add point and then click on the map but it does not save the point. It shows an error that the editing "timed out."

As a related but separate issue I am having trouble adding points using the mobile app as well. My phone is an android so that may be the explanation. It takes about 30 seconds and then fails to add a point, occasionally throwing an error for no connection even though I am connected to wifi with full bars.

This is my first time using FieldMaps, not sure if I am missing something here. Help would be appreciated, thanks!

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@PatrickKent1 first off, you dont have to use the New Map Viewer to create a field maps project, but it's advisable to benefit from the smart form capabilities.

Secondly I would suggest you test the functionality you're experiencing by creating a brand new blank feature layer in a new map in Map Viewer. Add a single editable field, and then see how it performs online in browser and in the app. My guess is that you've got something going on in the original web map that API 4.x isn't too keen on. Rebuilding the map from scratch in Map Viewer may be the solution there.

With a new map and single feature, let us know how it behaves 

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