AGOL Feature Layer Storage Offline, Sync, and Editing Enabled More Info

09-12-2021 11:50 AM
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I had a feature service with multiple related tables and I was watching the storage size in AGOL increase each day. In trying to decrease the number of AGOL feature layer storage credits and searching online I found this article which was really helpful. 

One thing I hadn't though of is the sync, editor tracking, and offline use of the feature layer. Below is an insert from the article.


I disabled sync, saved, and then enabled and this action alone decreased the AGOL storage so much the layer dropped out of the item details to not even show its storage size. So it seems the actual storage consumption for this layer was the back-end AGOL table for offline sync. Does each offline download of the layer create sync table entries and then each time the offline map is synced? It would be great if this info was more transparent like an asterisk for layers with sync table storage. In trying to minimize storage size my first thought was the number of records in the feature layer and related tables.

Is disabling sync, saving, and then enabling sync again for an AGOL feature layer the equivalent of clearing the back-end sync tables or clearing the cache?

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