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Limit editing outside a Geofence

04-04-2023 03:30 PM
New Contributor

It would be helpful if geofences could limit the ability of a Field Maps user to collect data if they are outside the geofenced area. Our use case is having volunteers for a non-profit adding point data to a dataset where they see access issues to local parks (unsafe crossings, uneven sidewalk pavement, etc.). They drop a point where the issue is, take a picture to attach to the point feature, and answer some questions about it in the smart form. We have geofences around the access points to each park so data collectors know how large the area is where they are collecting data, but it would be a great quality control measure to physically limit the ability of volunteers to drop a new point outside of the geofenced areas. I understand this might be complicated by the fact that location accuracy is not very precise without a GNSS device, but this would still be a helpful feature to have.

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