Collected features disappearing when submitting on Field Maps

08-21-2022 02:57 PM
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When collecting data within Field Maps on offline areas downloaded from a shared AGOL Web Map,  my coworkers and I have seen new features that we've created disappear when pressing submit feature. This disappearing act does not happen consistently. We are all using the same type of tablet to collect data and the software version of Field maps is the same amongst all of them and have been updated to the newest version. The Web map has edits enabled and offline is enabled.

Specific Details of the Issue:

After pressing the checkmark to submit the collected feature it disappears from the map, however we are able to find the feature again when looking at the recent offline edits. When syncing, the features are lost entirely as they do not show up in the Web Map and are lost from the offline edits. 


Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so is it something within the settings that could fix this?


I would be happy to provide more details if needed, however there is a confidential nature to the layer we are using since it stores information about rare and sensitive plant species.

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I've seen this in the past when the data being captured doesn't meet the database/field requirements. 

Do you have any issues editing in the Web Map with the same data input?

Does your input data accurately match the field schema requirements? i.e.

  • Not null / required fields
  • Feature Templates / default values
  • Domain values
  • Input and field type

For the feature service, do you have editor tracking enabled with users 'can't see any features but their own'?

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I am not experiencing any issues editing the web map and neither are my coworkers. As for the input data, I have seen it where both my coworker and myself have put in the same data and the feature disappears for one of us but not the other.

For the last part, where can I find editor tracking?

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How is your offline map set up?

Are you using a Map Area?

which settings are you using?



in the Advanced settings of the Map, which options are you using?



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This is how mine is setup. Optimizations are disabled since we have some that use their phones.





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For the editor tracking bit, on the map setting page, click the feature layer.


Then on it item detail page click settings.



on this page you will see the editing options.


These options can also be set when you create the feature service.



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Okay I see, since I dont own the layer the settings are not showing up. However, this layer is shared with all my coworkers who are in the same AGOL group. 



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Could it be that the map area was deleted?

In help it says that if the map area is deleted on AGOL, map areas on device will continue to sync, but they won't receive updates.  This might explain why the local edits are disappearing.  



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Was there a solution to this?  I am experiencing this with a polygon feature in Field Maps; the point feature is displaying normally.  

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