Layers not displaying in Field Maps when filtered by date - no error message

05-07-2021 09:37 AM
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We are experiencing issues with layers not drawing in Field Maps when they are filtered by date using 'not in the last' or 'is blank'. The map was built in Map Viewer Classic, and the layers display properly there and in Collector. Our field users are on iPads with Field Maps. When I open the map in Map Viewer (new), it says it has 'Problem displaying filter'. I tried to rebuild the map in the new map viewer and it makes me resave the filter each time I click on a layer. Even then, using the date filter 'not in the last' or 'is blank' means the layers won't display on the tablet. We have a number of maps that use 'in the last' filter that appear to be displaying properly. No error message is thrown saying the layer didn't draw properly. We have confirmed that it is not just one map showing this issue.




Field Maps on iPad:


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Hi @ErinCourtney ,


This sounds like a known issue we have logged that occurs when using the 'not in the last' filter. I can add a note that it is also reproducible with 'is blank'. If you have access to support I would suggest opening a ticket and getting attached to BUG-000121972 That way you can track the status and any updates.




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Thanks @ColinLawrence. I will open a tech support ticket.



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