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03-15-2022 10:42 AM
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In enterprise Map Viewer I have symbology for unique symbols. In my case, the Status attribute has 4 types of status as shown in image.  In a dashboard, I am able to create a serial chart and allow users to click the "new", "open", "closed", or "SWR" and the map will display only what is clicked.  The users are accessing this via Field Maps on their phone.  Is there a way to provide the user an option to display only "new", "open", "closed" or "swr" on their phone? 

I have tried filtering. I filtered out any closed items more than 4 weeks old, but for some reason after a period of time the data disappears from the iPhone Field Map app.  Since I have removed the filter this hasn't happened.  The users are now requesting a way to display all the "new", "open" etc. separately.

Thank you, Annette



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I think you want this so please upvote and add use case here


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