Is sorting the related table records possible when Map is configure in Map Viewer Beta?

03-26-2021 10:46 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a feature class added to a Map Viewer Beta map.  The FC has a related table called granulation.  When a person selects on the feature on the map and then the Granulation link in the pop up (in Field Maps), I want to sort the returned records by date.  (See attached images)  Can anyone tell me how that is done?  

The Sort Options are set on the tables pop up on the View-Layer's Visualization tab.  When using the View Layer in a regular Map Viewer map, the related records sort correctly in Field Maps. 




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by Anonymous User
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UPDATE:  I ended up asking this question at the developer conference.  I was told that more support for related tables should be added to the new map viewer later this year.  Until then, I've found that if I create the map initially in the MapViewer Classic and set the related table sort options there, they persist when I move the map to the new MapViewer so I can work with Field Maps.  

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Has there been any update on this feature?

With all the forms I've modified for use with Field Maps, editing a map in Map Viewer Classic isn't an option for me.

Is there any code that can be written in ArcGIS Online Assistant?

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Did you figure it out @JasonCyphers ?

Think i found a way to add it with assistant.
I sorted my related records on creation added. By adding te following code as element of the popupInfo of the feature class:

"relatedRecordsInfo": {
"showRelatedRecords": true,
"orderByFields": [
"field": "relationships/0/CREATED_DATE",
"order": "desc"

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