Is it possible to send data back from Survey123 in a callback URL?

05-26-2021 01:28 PM
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After hours of trying I think I know the answer but I wanted to check.

I finally got a callback URL (that double encoding is lots of fun) to work once I switched to hardcoding the values.  There are no help samples of this.

Here is my sample hardcodeing the callback values and feature globalid


But what I would like to do is pull a field back from 123.  I am doing this to link the forms in both directions.  I want to send back a guid that I generate in 122.

I have tried this (unencoded).  Just the callback part works from 123 so I got that part right and I can use 123 fields just fine.


I have a feeling that the callback URL is hard generated at the time of the call in Field Maps.  That means referencing a field in 123 with ${LOCAL_ID} makes no sense since you are in Field Maps at the time the URL is generated.  Am I right?

If I am in right is there any way to send data to 123 via a URL then use callback to send 123 data back in to Field Maps?

thanks for any help

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Not seeing this covered still looking thanks 

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