Is anyone else experincing issues with offline map download and syncing after switching to Intune MDM?

09-22-2022 10:44 AM
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Our mobile workforce uses iPads to conduct hundreds field inspections daily.  For the past year or two, our organization has been using AirWatch as our MDM without issue.  In the past month or two, however, our IT department has started switching these iPads over from AirWatch to Intune.  For the field staff who have made the switch, many who are now using Intune have reported issues with downloading offline maps and syncing.  Since the change to Intune, they report that it often takes several attempts to sync changes and download an offline map (and each download attempt can take up to 30 minutes, so having one fail can cost valuable time).

I understand from this document that deployment of Field Maps with MDM solutions like Intune is not supported by Esri Technical Support, but it is expected to work just like apps that are deployed independently.

Have any other organizations out there made the switch to Intune?  If so, has the behavior of Field Maps changed since the switch?

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