Image-map selections in Field Maps

09-21-2022 06:41 AM
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I have a survey123 inspection survey that includes an image-map question. The field users find this very useful, but they would also like some of the aspects that I use in a different inspection app that is in Field Maps, so I'm trying to convert the survey123 to a smart form for Field Maps. The rest of the survey is super simple, so it does make sense to put it all in Field Maps instead of using the link to Survey123.
I know there have been many updates to the smart forms in Field Maps. I was wondering if the ability of including an image-map-type question is there, yet, or if it's coming soon?

For now, I can use the web-link to Survey123 to combine the two, which I have done in the past, but I would love to make this super simple and just use Field Maps. Is it possible, yet, to allow the user to select a response from an image within the Field Maps Smart Form?

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