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05-10-2022 05:25 AM
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Portal 10.9.1 in Enterprise 

I have a web app that I have configured in the new Map Viewer for use in Field Maps.

I then open it with the field maps app and configure the form.

If I make a change to the map in Map Viewer it removes all customization I did in the form.

Needing me to re-write all the expressions for conditional visibility.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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by Anonymous User
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The form is saved as part of the webmap. So, if you have multiple tabs open (one with Field Maps, and one with Map Viewer) you need to make sure after you save in one app that you refresh the other app. Otherwise, the second app will have "stale" data and when you make additional changes and save, the first set of changes will be missing.

If you open Map Viewer from Field Maps and make changes, Field Maps will automatically refresh the map for you.

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@Anonymous User  Just to clarify I am using Portal not AGOL and we are at 10.9.1

Publish feature service with Pro 2.9  patch 2.9.2 to Enterprise Portal

Open Feature Layer in New Map Viewer

Save as web map

Close web map

Start Field Maps from Application Icon

Select Configure from the new Web Map just created

Save settings

Select content

                Select first Feature

                Select convert pop up

                Save Content

Close Configuration

Open Web Map

Make a minor change to visible range

Select save and get this error message

This map was previously updated in Map Viewer Classic. Please review the compatibility guide before saving your map. If you are unsure whether your map will be impacted, save this map as a new map instead.

Even though it was saved in the New Map Viewer.

Open the copy in Configuration.  This time it saved the Content.

Open the Web Map again and try to Save and I get the same error message


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by Anonymous User
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I think it is expected to see that prompt due to the way Map Viewer was doing authoring app checks.

When Field Maps saves the form, it changes the map authoring info to "ArcGIS Field Maps". At 10.9.1 Map Viewer was checking for any other app authoring info other than Map Viewer when it decided to display that message. This was actually changed a few days ago for the next ArcGIS Online update and it will eventually make it into one of the next Enterprise releases.

So when you see the dialog, you should just click "Save this map".

Hopefully that makes sense.

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It was not doing this last week.  In regards to So when you see the dialog, you should just click "Save this map". It does it repeatedly when I save it, alter the configuration, and it again says it is a Classic Map.

And by eventually make it to Enterprise you mean in 1 to 3 years?

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I am also experiencing this issue.

  1. Create and save Web Map.
  2. Create and configure Field Maps based on Web Map in 1.
  3. Make change to Web Map.
  4. Field Maps loses all the configuration created in 2.

As asked by Robert: is there any way to stop this happening? It is extremely frustrating and time consuming that Field Maps loses all config after a change to the Web Map it is based on.

If I am doing something wrong, please let me know what it is.



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@RichG  I have duplicated this several times with different approaches.  

I created the first Web Map by selecting the Feature Service and then selecting Open in Map Viewer

The second way was to Open Map Viewer from the Application Icon and then adding the feature service as a Layer.  Same thing.

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I had the same problem. You have to make sure that you are not working with different browser tabs. When you're done updating your map close the tab (refresh your browser by tapping Ctrl F5) Open a new tab for Fieldmaps, click the updated map and you can change your Field Map. Save this, close the tab and you can then update your map as well. Just lose the tabs and keep refreshing. 

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Hi Robert, I recently asked a question about this on the esri community. I was saving my maps in the New Map Viewer as well and also got the message that it saved in Map Viewer Classic after configuring my Field Map. See this post

It can't hurt to check the box to Not show this message again. 

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@RobertBorchert @RichG 

It seems like there are two questions being asked here.

"In regards to So when you see the dialog, you should just click "Save this map". It does it repeatedly when I save it, alter the configuration, and it again says it is a Classic Map."

There should be a check box in the dialog with the text "Do not show me this again" - if you check that, the dialog shouldn't appear again.  This information is stored per browser; so it could be a browser change or removal of local storage cleared that setting, which may explain why you weren't see it last week and now are.

If you check the checkbox, the dialog will not appear again.

As @Anonymous User mentioned, the Map Viewer team has updated the logic to correct the dialog from incorrectly appear.  Due to the release schedule for Enterprise, that change won't be available until the Enterprise release after the upcoming 11 release.

@RichG I'll need some more information to help reproduce what you're seeing. Are you using Online or Enterprise?  If Enterprise, what release?  Do you have the same map open in Map Viewer and in Field Maps at the same time?  Feel free to reach out to me through a DM or over email at on this.

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