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GlobalID Not Writing to GUID

04-23-2024 07:24 AM
MVP Regular Contributor


I have a feature class published to my web server that has six tables related via enterprise database relationship class. This morning at a users request, I replaced the existing relationships with composite versions to enable deleting child records when a parent was deleted. After completing this process and republishing the service, Field Maps is not writing the parent GlobalID to newly created child GUIDs. Somewhat frustratingly, the user only mentioned after I had made this change that they were experiencing this behavior for the last week or so and just hadn't mentioned it to me. So I don't necessarily think it's an issue with the replacement of the relationship classes, I just add that for extra context. 

Additionally, when in ArcPro, I can successfully add child records and Pro will write the GlobalID to the GUID, so on some level the relationship is working correctly. The most recent confirmed date I have of successful writing to the GUID field is perhaps April 8, but I do not know of anything notable at all that has changed since that date that would cause Field Maps to fail to write the GlobalID. Finally, there are no errors presented - the submission of child records in Field Maps is successful and a record is created, just no GLobalID-to-GUID.

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