Form on Field Maps keeps resetting

03-11-2021 05:18 AM
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I have been working on configuring forms for field data collection with Field Maps. I spend a lot of time selecting the fields and writing hints and all that, and then a day or two later I go to use it on the app and it has re-set to the default, including fields I do not want on the form. I then go back in to Field Maps, and sure enough there is nothing in the form. I am always sure to save the form prior to exiting, and test it and it works initially.

I am not sure if this is because I am editing the feature layers used (adding more values to fields, etc), or if it is a glitch that others have had trouble with.

Has anyone had this problem? Thanks

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I've had the same problem with Forms & Groups resetting in AGOL.  I think this is due to me NOT working in Web Map BETA, when I open in Map Viewer and edit pop-up or field name all my Forms disappear.

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Our organization is experiencing the same issue. I haven't really found a pattern, but it seems to go a few days then just randomly resets. I will take note from now on whenever the underlying layers are modified and see if that is related to the issue.

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Hi there,

I have the exact same problem. I save the form, while the tab in my browser was still open the form appeared in Field Maps. After closing and reopening Field Maps in AGOL it is gone. I dont edit anything in the map. I use the new map viewer (the 'old' beta)

Its quite frustrating. 

Sietse de Haan
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@jstark_mercernj  I wonder if this is connected with a similar issue I have noticed. I have 2 Field Maps authored within the Field Maps Web App;

they're both editing the same feature service with different basemaps. But I have a field called SiteName with a dropdown list of sites, and in the field maps web app you can set a default value for this field. So if I set the default as "SiteA" in one web map, when I go to the other one and set a default value to "SiteB" the default value is changed for both of the web maps.

At first, i thought Field Maps Web App must be modifying the feature service's default value, but in the data/fields tab of the Feature Service in the item description, no default is assigned.

So my question to you is, are your field maps pointing to codependant feature services, or is the web map being utilised in a browser based Web App? 

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I just discovered that we're having this issue as well.  I configure the forms for my layers.  I test them in the mobile app and everything looks great.  I even reloaded the page to make sure everything stayed put after the second time the forms disappeared because I had convinced myself I wasn't saving my work.  The forms work fine for some unknown amount of time and then they're gone.  We want to deploy this solution but we can't be resetting the forms everyday.

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I've found exactly this issue today.

Press save, says it's saved, it hasn't saved.

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A user in my org is having this exact problem and I also encountered it a few months ago. They (the other user) are not using default values in the forms (like Brooks_SummitGeo mentions below) and are working with a web map that is saved as the New Viewer (not Classic). Work they did on the form on the first day was saved but the second day, after they added to the form and hit 'save', it seemed to go through and get saved but...was gone from the web map (new Viewer) when opened later! It was also gone from the Field Maps browser app when they tried to open from there.

I wonder if it has to do with the 'save' function malfunctioning? A few months ago,  the 'save' button on the form would get greyed out if I hit save a few times while editing the form and I would lose the work I did since the last 'save'. I got into the habit of not doing a 'save' until my form was complete (which was both inconvenient and risky). I have not tested this recently but mentioned it in case it is related. 

This is a tremendous waste of time and makes Field Maps unreliable during data collection season (warm months). We are trying to transition over given Collectors' scheduled obsolescence but this is making it hard.