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07-22-2021 03:54 PM
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Is there a way to change the background colour of a group within a form? (or even the data entry fields)

I've a tree inspection form and it's grouped by elements and the level type of the inspection. I find when testing the form would benefit from some colour segregation to make the groups a little more obvious to the field user.

Or, if not, is there any dev coming to introduce paging in a similar style to 123?

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@JonathanMcDougall  We don't have either in our roadmap at this time.

However, I'd encourage you to add them as separate Ideas to the Field Maps Ideas site

We're very interested to hear from yourself and other users on the need for this with examples if possible.  Those will very much help us to prioritize this work into the Roadmap.


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Hi Craig, will do re Ideas.

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