Field Maps frequently runs automatic update checks on downloaded maps despite settings intended to disable that behavior

07-26-2021 08:04 AM
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The Field Maps iOS app regularly checks downloaded maps for updates/syncs regardless of settings intended to disable automatic updates/syncs. 

Some background...

We have ~250 users who rely on read only downloaded maps in Field Maps. We make a new Map Area available to them every week with updated data, so users are trained to download the updated copy every week and delete the old version. Updates to the source data are only available through that new Map Area and users never edit in downloaded maps, so they never have to update or sync their downloaded map. 

The Map Areas are set to Update = Never when they are created and users have Auto-sync disabled in the Field Maps app settings. Despite this, downloaded maps frequently (multiple times a day) automatically check for updates, which fail more often than not. These unnecessary update checks cause frustration and wasted time for users when they seek out troubleshooting support for failure messages on updates that we don't need or want to run.

Currently we are trying to address this through user training and telling them to just ignore any update-related errors, but really we just want app/maps to respect settings we set up. Is there something else I can configure on the back end to ensure these auto-updates do not run? If not, is this intentional behavior built into the app (and why)?

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Hi @Linde_Carmack we have found to get urgent issues or bugs addressed you need to raise them directly with an esri app developer. Two ways to do that: report the bug through your esri help desk, or report the bug within the app, via the the send feedback option.

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