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fieldmap template builder not available for related table

06-08-2023 02:47 AM
New Contributor III

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me why I can't use the template section in the field map app builder for related tables?

my related table is an audit and I would like to have a number of defaults for different fields.

The survey was originally built in survey123 and I am now migrating it to be used in fieldmaps.

any help would be much appreciated

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New Contributor II

Same problem. So far nobody has replied. Neither Esri support. Another bug...

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Occasional Contributor III

I have a Field Maps map for two layers and two related tables, and I am able to use the Templates section. Are you able to configure the form for the table, just not the templates? Is it grayed out or not showing up?

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New Contributor II

I can configure le form, but the template does not show up. Anyway, everything worked fine for the other two dozen of projects.

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