Field Maps / Trimble Mobile Manager / Trimble DA2 setup

04-26-2023 02:58 AM
New Contributor

I've been setting up 32 devices, (16 x iPads and 16 x iPhones,) this week and had issues with 12.  

All IOS versions are 15.5 and above. All Mobile Manager and Field Maps are the latest versions. 

No problem with the DA2 and Mobile Manager App setup. Issue has arose during Field Maps setup.

Field Maps wants to communicate with Mobile Manager however when I get to list of Apps available "On My iPad" then Mobile Manager is not available in the list. See attached, (Pic 1 is on a device with no problems.)

Weird thing is it is available on more devices with the same software versions on.

Is there some other setting that is preventing Field Maps App from seeing all the installed Apps?

If there isn't then I'm going to have to try and wipe all 12 devices. Update to the latest IOS then reinstall everything but that will take a long time if it's just a setting that needs tweaking?

Any help appreciated.


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