Field Maps Sync Issue "The network connection was lost."

01-21-2022 12:38 PM
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I have an offline map in Field Maps that is failing to sync. The General Errors is "The network connection is lost."

I have tried multiple cellular and wifi network connections with no luck. 

Please help me identify other ways to troubleshoot this issue. 

Thank you. 



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by Anonymous User
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Use an app like Open Signal to detect how strong your connection is. I've never seen recommended bandwidth specs from ESRI.

How big is your data set? Does it have a lot of attachments?

If all else fails, use  Copy runtime geodatabase contents to a file geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro or newer tool in Pro


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I am having this exact same problem and can't find any solution. I have 62 local edits and a lot of attachments. I tried syncing on wifi and on cellular data and get the same error. 

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In case anyone in the future has this issue - one of our users was having the same issue. They just logged out and logged back in, and the data synced correctly.

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