Field Maps Search string Axxxxxx and Bxxxxxx returning 'Coordinate' results

05-30-2023 10:59 PM
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Field Maps 23.1.0 on iOS

We've had our field crews complaining that searching by asset number (format: A123456) is returning results in Antarctica.

Rudimentary testing shows that any length number, prefixed by A (or B, but not C, D et al) will return these 'coordinate' results. The correct, exact match search result appears below these results.


Is this something I've done in the search or geocoder settings, or a feature of a recent Field Maps version?


We're also experiencing BUG-000149944 from 

So I'm thinking there were a few breaking changes at least to the iOS app.


Logging a support case now, but adding details here in case others are experiencing the same - or for you to confirm this happens for you!


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Generally, the behavior of search functionality in every ESRI mobile app (ArcGIS app, Collector app, Field Maps app) on iOS has been inconsistent. I have been seeing this since the year 2012.

  • Disable address searches on a map? Sometimes the app still returns address results.
  • Sometimes searches against layers work, sometimes they do.

My experience with Android is limited.

Hoping this gets fixed permanently at some point.

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