Field Maps Photo Attachments Not Syncing all Photos

09-16-2022 07:39 AM
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I have a field maps configured for our field crews who are creating points, updating attribute table, and attaching photos. There's sometimes a lot of photos for one point, 20+. The project has been running for a few months with no syncing issues. This week, we have a user who attached 20 photos to a point, synced the work in, but we only received about 5 of those photos. In their Field Maps app the photos are 'attached', but aren't syncing up to ArcOnline for some reason. They are working off the live map.

My suggestion to them is for this user to remove all photo attachments and then re-add them. And to do this while connected to a strong WIFI/strong cell service connection.

Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions? 

Please let me know if more details is needed.



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We haven't seen this, but we have run into an old ghost of a problem where some of our photo attachments appeared to be randomly deleted from the database for an entire day—a few days after the day in question.

Last time I ran into this, it was because the organization at the time had a few field workers that had been sharing the same ID, so we just wrote it off as being a result of that and I made sure everyone properly had their own, individual account this time 'round.

So now I'm baffled that the issue is back, on a different project, in an entirely different organization.

The two issues might be utterly unrelated, or there might be some underlying glitch in the attachment database system.  If you find anything out about your issue, I'd love to hear about it, in case it sheds any light on ours.

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Similar to your situation, this team is also sharing ID's. I'm not happy about that, but they don't want to spend the money on additional licenses. I've been told that having the same license signed in on up to 3 devices should be fine but I'm highly skeptical of that. I may submit a ticket to Esri to get confirmation of what the issue is so we can hopefully avoid it in the future.

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