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Field Maps order of attributes alphabetical not how set up

08-08-2023 09:37 PM
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I created a map in AGO with a feature later with several data fields to collect. When I downloaded the map into Field Maps, the layer loads, but the data field are alphabetical and not in the default order. I tried reordering them in pop-up in AGO as someone suggested, but no luck. They just keep showing up in FIeld Maps out of order. It is going to be super cumbersome to collect data out of order. There are 15 data fields and I have to jump around

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You can make the layer editable or un-editable when you publish it, you can also edit the layer's setting in AGOL after it has been published (Settings in AGOL). If the layers are un-editable, tey will appear with greyed out font when you go to configure the data collection form in the online Field Maps app .

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Hi @JenniferMichaud - You're correct the fields do default to alphabetical order rather than the order of the attribute table or the pop up - this is an item on our backlog.

However, this can be easily resolved by ordering the fields in the Form. To do this you can use the new Map Viewer or Field Maps Designer - both links are to the help pages on how to do this. I would say if you're not using Field Maps Designer today its worth taking a look as it streamlines the whole process of building maps and preparing them for offline use.

Once in the form you can reorder fields but you can also:

  • Create groups of fields
  • Determine when a field is visible, required or editable 
  • Apply calculated values - super powerful as automates the capture of fields
  • Add new fields
  • Add titles and descriptions to fields to help folks understand what's needed
  • Format fields such as how they should be displayed i.e. a list, switch, multiline etc.. 
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Thank you so much! It worked. 


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I think for me the issue here is we put a lot a time into ordering the fields.  Having to do it twice is hard.  It seems easy when it is a few fields but when you have 100-200 reordering them can take a very long time.  Esp in the designer where you have to drag and drop, which is a lot harder to use when we have lots of fields.  

In addition we have 11 state projects to do meaning I have to reorder 200 fields, 11 times, every year.

thanks for considering

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Hi! I am glad I found this question because I am having a similar issue using Field Maps Designer. When I am configuring my forms in designer, they are all in order, when I collect data using the forms, it is also in order. When I export my data to a shapefile is where I come across issues. Some fields will duplicate and everything will be out of order. I noticed this corresponds to the "Templates" which are also out of order and duplicated (not in alphabetical order). Unfortunately I have not found a way to edit the template and have resorted to deleting the whole feature layer and starting from scratch multiple times. 

Also, I notice that when I click on "Templates" a message always pops up "We accidentally left some of your fields behind". I am not sure if when I click on this it causes duplicates or what. 

Thank you!

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@JenniferMichaud  great to hear!


Hi @DougBrowning totally get that and it is something we are looking at. 

Curious do you have the need for forms at all in your workflows - especially working with so many fields?

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"Something we are looking at"?  For real?  How about just stopping the alphabetizing of fields?  Who thought that was a good idea?  I'm fairly certain that the VAST majority of us out here would like the field order to be the same way we had it prior to publishing.  So...PLEASE DO MORE THAN "LOOK AT IT".  I raised this issue well over a year ago.  If there are people who want their field orders discarded and field names alphabetized during publishing let them speak up.  It seems to be the most absurd thing to have this happen during publishing.