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04-17-2023 12:31 PM
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So I am having trouble setting up an inspection form. The following are the steps I have done to get where I am at now: 

1. Created a table in excel and then converted it in ArcPro.

2. Set the proper domains for each field needed.

3. Then shared the table and set the operations to be enable editing, enable sync, and export data.

4. Added the table to WebMap on ArcGIS Online and was able to enable editing (But cannot find the area to do so now).

5. Set up a form with condition visibility but was wanting the inspection to be done so I can send it to the proper department.


My questions at this point are am I setting it up correctly for a inspection form? Is there a selection I am missing for the inspection forms? And is there a way to send off the inspection forms?

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In response to where to go to edit your table:


For use in Field Maps, I believe you are going to need to create a relationship class between your Inspection table and the layer containing the object that is inspected. Within the Field Maps app you will then need to go into the collection settings and ensure that related records are set to be shown. Within the web map you added the table to, you should then be able to select an object you want to add an inspection for by selecting the desired object and selecting the chain link icon in the bottom right to access related tables. Selecting the desired table will show all records within that related table that are associated to your selected object. Within this view, you should be able to select the "add" label on your screen to initiate the pop-up for your Inspection table.

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