Conditional Visibility in Related Table based on Feature Class

04-18-2023 01:05 PM
New Contributor

I am using portal 10.9.1 with Field Maps. FeatureSetByRelationshipName is not available yet in the Field Maps App. Can I use FeatureSetByRelationshipName in the pop up or in an Attribute Rule in ArcGIS Pro before publishing to the portal for use in Field Maps?


I would like to have conditional visibility for a field in my related table (the inspections table) based on a field in the feature class. In the feature class I have a field named "host" with 3 options, "Ash, Oak, Pine". Based on which "host" they choose when they do an inspection on the trap, I would like the related table to only show the question relating to that specific host of "Ash", "Oak", or "Pine". 


Thank you

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