Field maps error "Unable to Submit, Unable to complete operation. Underlying DBMS error...Cannont insert duplicate key row in object....."

04-18-2023 05:11 PM
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We are investigating issues that some of our users are facing and would like to know if any of you folks have come across this issue.

We have an editable layer in SDE environment and is archiving enabled.

This source feature layer is utilized in webmap that is used for Field maps for field data collection.

We are getting the error- "Unable to Submit" as shown in the snapshot below.

While the below error popups up, the data makes it through to our feature layer/SDE database but the attachment photograph does not sync. Our field workers work in remote areas where the network is patchy and at times may not have any reception. Any help in identifying this issue and solution would be a huge relief for us. 




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