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Field Maps Hyperlink Path on iPad

06-20-2023 09:31 AM
New Contributor II


I have been scratching my head for a while on how to make this work. Basically, I want to bring up an image that's being store on iPad (On My iPad/1860203_HYD.PDF). I tried all kinds of variations with forward or back slashes but nothing works, with/without spaces, or adding File. 

To explain the problem further, I have 'Locates' data layer in field maps. I have set the hyperlink to field called 'Hyperlink Address' (see image1). See image2 for file path. As mentioned above I explored many options but none of them calls the image (that's being stored on my iPad) within Field Maps. 

Does anybody know a proper hyperlink file path that would bring up the image? I appreciate. Thanks.

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