Field Maps crashes when connected to a bluetooth keyboard in landscape view (iOS, iPad)

08-30-2022 11:45 AM
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We have encountered some very strange behavior with Field Maps, in that it will crash in a very specific scenario:

Field Maps will crash (no errors logged) when submitting a form in which the last action performed was typing in a text field with a Bluetooth keyboard, while in landscape mode.

Strangely, it will not crash if the iPad is vertical, typed with the iPad on-screen keyboard, and even more oddly, if you re-orient it from horizontal to vertical and back, so the screen rotates back and forth before hitting submit, even if you don't do anything else in the form.

Has anyone else encountered this? It took a good amount of testing to figure out what exactly was causing the crash, since it is such a narrow workflow to replicate the crashing behavior.

Behavior has been replicated in Field Maps v 22.3.0 on different iPad models, with different iOS versions, and different Bluetooth keyboard models.

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I have encountered this as well!

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