Field Maps and Android

10-28-2022 05:10 PM
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Will there ever be a simple solution for Field Maps and Android with using an external GNSS receiver? No matter the 3rd party GNSS app or receiver I use for mock locations, the location accuracy either won't come through or the GNSS fields won't populate. One of my receivers is recognized in the app as a receiver but the GNSS fields won't populate. This is so frustrating. 

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Hi @WGIMaps ,

What GNSS receiver(s) are we using with ArcGIS Field Maps on Android?

Does the lack of location accuracy reading only occur for mock locations?

How did we add the GNSS fields to the feature layer(s) in your web map?

And have you tested using an iOS device? i.e. can we confirm the issue is isolated to using Android?

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Is there a reason you are using mock locations instead of selecting a different location provider in the profile settings?  

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