Field Maps allowing multipart geometry?

06-28-2022 10:19 AM
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I have posted on this in the past but never got an answer.  I always assumed multipart support is long gone.  But today I had a user that managed to create a polygon with 3 distinct, not connected, parts.  I have been trying to recreate it but I cannot.  I do however seem to be able to create multipart something according to Pro.

If a use a combo of adding points manually and streaming I can make some crazy shapes.  It seems to let me do anything.


Looking at this shape in Pro it has 5 "Parts" listed.  Not sure where it is getting this?


Actually designed this project to simulate multipart since I thought it was not supported.  I posted a few times on it and never got a response.  I personally do not want to use multipart since the long term storage and calculations can be a nightmare.  I have dug in the help a few times and see no mention of it.

Would love to hear any ideas.  Still not sure how the user got 3 in there.  They were using streaming in Field Maps.




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I could really use multi-part support in field maps. I use it for mapping prescribed fire and wildfires. The ability to capture what actually burned as a single polygon feature would be very useful 

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