Features and Symbology Won't Display in Field Maps with Definition Query

01-23-2023 09:35 AM
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I have a map with custom symbology set that was working fine last week. Now the features/symbology for the features will not display in field maps. They display correctly in AGOL but when the map is opened in Field Maps. None of the features visible in AGOL are visible in Field Maps.


To add more to this. I have set a definition query on the layers through ArcPro. Again, ArcPro and AGOL are properly displaying the features that are visible due to the definition query. However, Field Maps will not display the features. The only thing being displayed in field maps are some labels that are applied to some of the features.

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I'm running into something similar with the definition query.  I'm finding that if I have a single part (one clause) definition query in ArcPro or single expression filter in the ArcGIS Enterprise Map Viewer, the data shows correctly in ArcPro, Enterprise and in Field Maps.  But if I add more than one clause/expression, the data doesn't show at all in Field Maps, only in ArcPro/Enterprise.

I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm accessing the exact same map in all three places, so why does Field Maps not display the filtered data they way the other two do.

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Definition queries set in an AGOL web map via ArcPro were working in Field Maps 3 weeks ago. Now something has changed. The features with definition queries set on them are viewable in ArcPro and Map Viewer but not in Field Maps. The only thing displaying in Field Maps is the labels for the features that have a definition query set on them.

Feature in ArcPro that has definition query set.



Same Feature in AGOL Map Viewer with definition query set from ArcPro and saved from ArcPro



Same area where feature should be present in Field Maps but is not displaying.




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I set filters on the data through AGOL. I do not like this work around as I have to set filters on 69 different feature layers. ArcPro made this task take about 3 minutes. Setting Filters for 69 features takes over half an hour to do.

This results in proper display of features in Field Maps that are supposed to be displayed based on a filtered attribute. However, there is another issue where offline maps are not syncing the data properly when filters are set. We noticed this because features in the Live Map on Field Maps, Map Viewer on AGOL, and the same Map opened in ArcPro are all no longer displaying the features that had the filter set on them. However, the offline map after syncing, is still displaying the features that had the filtered attribute set.

The following is a screenshot of the offline map displaying a feature that was updated in a different map that contains the same data.


The following is a new offline map created that show the feature not being displayed as the attribute for which the filter is set to has been updated. 



The following screenshot is the main map for which the data is updated in.


I tried updating the map in the offline map settings in AGOL, but this still resulted in the features that had the filter set on them being displayed when they should not be. The only work around is to recreate the offline area or create a new offline area.


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