Add GPS Metadata Points to an Existing Feature Layer

12-02-2022 09:04 AM
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Is there a way to add GPS Metadata fields to an existing point hosted feature layer on ArcGIS Online?

I was reading the Prepare your data to Record GPS Metadata section here: Prepare for high-accuracy data collection—ArcGIS Field Maps | Documentation.  It includes a link to a notebook for updating existing line and polygon hosted feature layers on ArcGIS Online, but does not seem to have one for points.


It only mentions using the Add GPS Metadata geoprocessing tool if you have a feature class, before sharing it online, or checking off Add GPS Metadata when creating the feature layer from scratch.


Is there no built in way to add GPS metadata to an existing point hosted feature layer?


I suppose I could write my own notebook, but almost every other scenario is already covered.

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I have the same question. Did you ever figure it out?

- Holly
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It looks like the Add GPS Metadata Fields_FS notebook was updated a few days ago and now covers point layers:

field-maps-scripts/notebooks at master · Esri/field-maps-scripts (